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There are two options for printing your guitar plan.


Option 1: Print the full size 36" x 48" sheet on a large format printer.

Large format printing services can be found at many office supply stores. Commercial digital printing companies who cater to architects can also provide this service and are preferred since they specialize in high quality output. In either case, the full size 36" x 48" .pdf can be emailed, burned to a CD or copied to a memory stick.


Option 2: Print the full size tiled sheets on a desktop printer.

Tiled .pdf files are included with each plan set and are formatted to fit either Letter or A4 paper. Each tiled .pdf contains the full size plan divided into about 25 pages with 1" of overlap. After printing the file, each page can be taped together. TIP: Use a large, well-lit window to assist with lining up the pages. It's best to start with the middle pages and work your way out. Also, you can save time and paper by printing only the pages you need.



Regardless of which option you choose, MAKE SURE THE FILE IS NOT SCALED TO FIT during the printing process. The file MUST BE PRINTED AT 100%.

Large format printer
Desktop printer